Rules and Conditions

1. The Kennels is open every day, Monday to Saturday from 9:15 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Public holidays, the hours are the same as Sunday.

2. Only dogs identified by tattoo or electronic chip and up to date with vaccination against distemper, Parvovirosis, Rubarth’s hepatitis, Leptospirosis are admitted. Vaccination against rabies and Kennel cough is strongly recommended but not mandatory. The health book must be in our possession during your companion’s stay. Dogs of 1st and 2nd category are accepted but only accompanied by their valid papers 

3. It is up to the owner to protect it against fleas and ticks before admission as well as to deworm it. In the event that an infection is detected during the stay, we reserve the right to treat the dog. Supplies and services will be invoiced in addition.

4. The veterinary treatments to be administered must be accompanied by a photocopy of the prescription and provided in sufficient quantity for the duration of the stay.

5. The owner must warn us of possible health problems, character problems, veterinary treatments specific to his animal. The pension reserves the right to refuse the animal if it is in poor health or likely to be contagious for other residents.

6. Each resident will receive a daily meal with kibble of ration quality corresponding to their age and weight. In the case of a special diet only, the owner must provide sufficient food for the duration of the stay, the daily rate remaining unchanged.

7. The pension declines all responsibility in the event of accident, illness or death, but undertakes to notify the owner or his correspondent as soon as possible. The pension is only liable in the event of a bite due to poor cohabitation. The pension is never responsible for the health of the animal: its sole obligation in this matter consists of if suspicious signs are found, to have the resident examined by the veterinarian attached to the pension, to follow any medical prescriptions at the expense of the owner of the animal. If the condition of the animal required urgent medical or surgical intervention, the above-named owner agrees that the pension will make all the arrangements for the health of his animal. It is understood that the medical and surgical costs will be at the owner’s expense. In case of death of the dog, an autopsy will be performed which will determine the causes of death. A report will be drawn up by the veterinarian and a certificate will be issued, at the owner’s expense.

8. The owner, who must have civil liability insurance for his animal, remains responsible for all possible damage caused by his animal during his stay in the pension, except in the event of gross negligence recognized as attributable to the keeper of the pension. The repo does not have the effect of an outright transfer of responsibility.

9. The owner of the animal undertakes to respect the dates of stay announced. Any excess must be reported to the establishment, failing which, the animal will be considered abandoned beyond 20 days without news from the owner. The pension will then be entitled to dispose of the animal freely and proceedings will be brought against the owner. A complaint about the voluntary abandonment of domestic animals may be brought against you (art. 453 of the penal code; possible crime of a fine of 100 to 2000 US Dollars and/or imprisonment from 15 days to 6 months). The claims will be handed over to a bailiff for collection through the courts.

10. The daily rate is 19 euros per day per dog. This price includes accommodation, food, outings, heating in winter, sprayer in summer and music.

11. For owners with two or more dogs sharing the same box, a discount will be applied to the total amount of the invoice.

12. The day of arrival will be charged, however, the day of exit will not be charged if you collect your dog before 2:00 pm.

13. The resident may only be taken back by the person who deposited him. Any other person who comes to pick up the animal must have been presented to us beforehand and the photocopy of their identity card must have been deposited when the dog was dropped off.

14. Accepted means of payment: cash and credit card.

15. Reservations are essential for July, August and the Christmas holidays with a deposit of 30%. Without this payment, they cannot be guaranteed. Any cancellation made less than 15 days before the scheduled date of arrival will not be refunded.

I _______________,

acknowledges having read the above conditions and declares to accept them without reservation of any kind.