Overnight Care For Your Furry Buddy

When we go on vacation and we cannot take our dog with us, going to a canine care service is almost essential.

There is still a little more than a month since Christmas, but surely more than one person is thinking about traveling during the holidays, and the fact of not being able to take their dog or not knowing who to leave it with may determine the choice. Finding the perfect accommodation can sometimes be difficult, as we care about the well-being of our furry friends.

1.     Choosing the right nursery

Finding a good daycare is not always easy. It is the place where your pet will be fed, cared for, and accommodated during the time you are going to be away, so it should not miss anything. These places are run by authorized professionals who ensure the health of the dogs and are usually equipped with specific equipment so that your dog is happy.

There are a large number of pet hotels, but before choosing yours, we recommend that you visit it in person, since they do not all offer the same benefits.

Be on the lookout for certain things

The interior must not present stains or excrement. Some accommodations offer, for example, more comfortable fences with toys or with heating for the winter. It is important that you make sure that your dog has a bed that is large enough for him and that it is protected from the rain. The exteriors of the accommodation must also be clean and well ordered, in order to guarantee the safety of the dog.

Demand good hygiene

To ensure the health and hygiene of your dog, some kennels require certain safety measures:

  • An updated vaccination card. Especially against infectious tracheobronchitis (a disease frequently contracted in a kennel), and rabies.
  • The veterinary card in case of a problem.
  • Do not suffer a contagious disease upon the arrival of the dog so as not to contaminate the rest of the dogs.

2.    Family home residence

There is also the possibility that your dog will stay with a foster family, who will take care of it at home in exchange for financial compensation. Thanks to this type of residence, your dog remains in a familiar environment and does not lose its reference points. You have the possibility to choose the home in which you want your dog to stay according to the animals that will be present, the children, the space, etc.

This method allows you to leave your dog in an environment that is not alien to him during your absence.

3.    Pet-sitting

Another possibility is pet-sitting. This is a pet boarding center. The principle is that the dog maintains its social environment and that the pet sitter pays him a visit and takes care of him, feeds him, and walks him. You have the possibility to choose the frequency of visits that the babysitter will make to your dog.

This home care allows your dog not to become disoriented in your absence and to alleviate a possible panic attack or stress. You can find a good K9 Sitter to take care of your furry buddy in your absence while you enjoy your long vacation away.

Always ensure that you pick a good pet boarding for your dog for the sake of his safety. This message was brought to you by Margale Pet Resort in San Diego, CA.