Nutrition Goals

The 4 nutritional objectives according to Cari-On Kennels

Dog Sitting

Driven by veterinary and scientific research, the traditional concept of Nutrition, namely, building, maintaining the body and providing it with energy, has evolved to gradually integrate preventive, and under certain conditions, curative dimensions. It is the birth of Health Nutrition.



Health Nutrition at Cari-On meets four objectives

  • Build and maintain the organism: Amino acids, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fatty acids meet the minimum nutritional requirements to build and maintain the organism
  • Provide energy: Lipids and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy for the dog. The cat is also dependent on proteins for its energy metabolism.
  • Nourish and prevent: Certain nutrients are integrated into the ration (antioxidants, prebiotics, fibers, essential fatty acids, etc.), to prevent risks such as kidney problems, digestive disorders, or the effects of aging, etc.
  • Nourish and care: In order to promote the healing of certain diseases, very specific nutrients will be included, others will be limited in the food to intervene in the therapeutic and convalescent processes. This approach guarantees the precision of our nutritional responses and their perfect adaptation to the needs of the animal.