Characteristics of the Red Poodle

Are you in the process of adopting or purchasing a new dog? Have you thought of getting a toy poodle? Maybe you should. These little fellows are one of the cutest dogs to have, and you can be sure of enjoying them in the house. Well, there is more than just their adorable coat and appearance. So, why should you consider getting a toy poodle as your new pet? Here are five reasons to purchase a toy poodle;


1.They are super-friendly


If you want a dog that is friendly by nature, a toy poodle is the best choice. You will enjoy having him around, and there wont be any cases of aggressiveness when you have this dog. If you have kids or other pets in the house, you will not worry about having fights with the new pet. They will get along with everyone in the house.


2.They are adaptable


Toy poodles are not just cute, but they also have good brains. These little dogs are one of the smartest dogs you can ever have. For that, it is easy to train them, and they will adapt to the new environment quickly. You don’t have to worry about him being too quiet and less playful when you bring him home. The dog will be lively as soon as you introduce him to the new environment.


3.They shed lightly


The best part of the toy poodle coat is that they do not shed heavily like other dogs. This means that they are hypo-allergenic. If you or anyone in the house is overly allergic to dogs, a toy poodle should be the right breed for them. They will not cause a mess in the house, meaning that they will give you an easy time maintaining the house’s cleanliness.


4.They are the best choice for small houses


If you live in a studio or an apartment, a toy poodle should be the right dog for you. They are small, and will perfectly fit in your confined space. You will not have to worry about having a big space for the dog to exercise since they will utilize the small space perfectly.


5.They are easy to train


The intelligence of this dog makes it easy to train. If you want to train him to use the potty, he will catch it quickly. Whatever you train the dog, you can be sure of having an easy time working with him.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a toy poodle as your new pet from a reputable toy poodle breeder like Redhead Poodles have plenty of poodles for sale in San Diego. For that, you have plenty of poodles to choose what suits your preference.