Tips to Training Your Vizsla

Vizslas are an intelligent, easily trainable breed, and develop habits quickly. Potty training is easiest when your vizsla is a puppy, ideally between 8 and 12 weeks of age. As an owner, the most important thing you can do is be patient with your dog’s mistakes and reward yourself for his good behavior. Like an infant or toddler, young vizslas are still learning to control their bodies.

Vizsla training at home can take several months to reinforce, but you can prevent most accidents by being attentive to your dog.



Create a feeding schedule for your dog by feeding him at the same time every day. He never just leaves the food in a container. This will prevent the dog from having to eliminate, while you are at work or sleeping.


Watch your dog at all times. When you have to leave your vizsla alone, confine it to an enclosed space. The easiest and most popular method is drawer training, where the vizsla is placed in a dog’s crate when it is alone.


Walk your dog frequently in order to teach proper home training. Take your vizsla out after waking up, 15 to 30 minutes after eating and drinking, immediately after a play session, before bedtime and when dogs complain, find themselves by the door, or look restless.


Wait several minutes for the dog to eliminate, but if not, return home and try again in 20 minutes. Only reward the puppy with praise or a walk when it finally gets eliminated so that it reinforces good behavior.


Establish a routine for your puppy to signal when you want to go out. Before walking your dog, move towards the door and press the nose of a bell on the door. Over time, your dog must learn to stand by the door and ring the bell when he wants to get out. When the vizsla starts doing this on its own, take it for a walk and the good reviews that generously.


Praise the dog after every correct action and take it for a walk after it is eliminated as a reward. Never punish your puppy if he has an accident in the house. Instead, gently say “No” and take it outside to show the dog what it wants. If you detect it in the middle of the act, move the vizsla out as quickly as possible.

Tips and warnings

  • The drawer training method creates a comfortable space for the dog to rest. It should never be a shame. Drawer training will reduce the number of accidents because a dog is unlikely to ground the place to sleep.
  • Be ready to take your vizsla off anytime to another. Have a strap, collar, cleaning bags, and shoes ready for you to take out to avoid accidents.
  • Eliminate any lingering odors from an accident in the house so that your puppy is not tempted to go in the same place again.

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